Working from Home programme: 10 steps for success by Tougher Minds (Award-winning)

Working from Home programme: 10 steps for success

Award-winning training to quickly help you begin improving Sleep 😴, Happiness 🤗, Productivity & Performance 📈 when Working from Home 😔→😁. 
✅  Learn simple & practical skills to supercharge your Motivation 🎯, Reduce Stress 🧘‍♀️, Boost your Resilience & Productivity, Feel Great 😀, be your best 😁.
✅ Includes the Me Power® Planner (Printable & PDF) to help you build new habits in as little as 2 minutes each day. (🚀Special discount available for a limited time only 🎉) 

Award-winning 🏆 🏅 Training & Coaching

✅ The Working from Home programme was created by Dr Jon Finn and colleagues. They work with global businesses, elite sport and leading education institutes, and have used their cutting-edge and award-winning coaching and training programmes to help 10,000+ people build better habits

✅ They have advised the Government and think tanks, had their work featured in The Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph, People Management and leading peer-review publications.

Quickly learn how to be your best whilst working from home

What's included?

Working from Home Masterclass

Learn 10 easy-to-implement steps that will help you to thrive & succeed when working from home. 


Me Power® Planner (Printable & PDF)

Plan & reflect to transform your well-being, performance & productivity. Do as little as 2 minutes each day

Me Power® Planner Weekly Wall Chart

Stick this in a prominent position and make it easier to monitor your goals and build better habits.

F.A.M.® Story’ Planning Tool – quickly improve your Motivation

Create a F.A.M.® Story to boost your motivation and personal drive by planning and connecting your long, medium and short-term goals. 

The A.P.E. Brain Reflection self-analysis tool

Do an in-depth analysis of your A.P.E. Brain and learn what is stopping you being your best.

Habit Building Plan

Build new helpful habits using these powerful planning tools: ‘Habit Building Plan’ and ‘How the A.P.E. Brain Hinders Change’. 

Sleep, Diet & Exercise improvement tools

Learn how to quickly improve these vital areas with our daily Diet, Exercise & Sleep (D.E.S.) S.W.A.P. goal setting and reflection tool

‘Will Power Story’ tool

Quickly improve your productivity and do more 'clever work' by learning how to create positive, motivating stories about what you will do to be healthy, happy and at your best every day.

‘How well did I do my best…’ and ‘3:1’ Reflection tools

Learn how to finish every day, week and month well with our daily reflection tools.

Learn from the world's top performers

The programme includes inspiring success stories and insights into the world's top performers
- Monitor and improve your daily habits - learn from tennis star Novak Djokovic.

- Understand the power of goal setting using examples including author J.K. Rowling, golfer Rory McIlroy, and inventor Elon Musk

- Improve productivity and minimise distractions by learning from All Black rugby legend Richie McCaw.

- Sharpen your focus and concentration for important tasks - use the example of Serena Williams (another tennis great).

- Learn how to recharge your brain for daily challenges - the mental approach of England rugby star Jonny Wilkinson can teach us how.

- Reduce stress and build confidence for tomorrow - Jessica Ennis-Hill's Olympic success story can help us.

Example content

Dr Jon Finn explains how your brain works.


"I have used a lot of self-development programmes before and I was already pretty efficient and effective, but the Working from Home programme has taken me to the next level. It is based on the best science and helped me to understand how to build and refine small helpful habits that make my life easier. It showed me simple and practical things to do that take minutes but save me hours.

Now I understand how my brain works I can plan my day to not only optimise clever thinking and creativity, but also downtime and relaxation. The programme has made it easier to manage my A.P.E. Brain, reduce stress and fulfil my potential when working from home." 
- John Buckley, Digital Marketing Consultant, Modo25
“I am really noticing the benefits of using the Me Power Planner. I started with simple steps to retrain my brain. I adjusted my eating regime, started a new project which sparked enthusiasm, and learning new online tools to work remotely. Now I am experiencing levels of self-confidence which I haven’t experienced in over 10 years! This is a huge achievement for me and now my brain is less foggy, more switched on and more focused than ever before. I have been working on my mind for a long time but I got stuck, and the Me Power Planner has helped me achieve more self-confidence, be more switched on, more productivity and more engaged.”
- Michelle Shorthouse, Customer Services, University of Leeds.

More about Tougher Minds & Dr. Jon Finn

Tougher Minds - Awarding-winning solution for Well-being, Performance, Transformational Leadership and Successful Change Management.

Dr. Jon Finn will teach you uniquely powerful simple and practical skills for successfully working from home. These are based on the best neuroscience, behavioural science, psychology and the award-winning Tougher Minds’ programmes, which help tens of thousands of people. Tougher Minds’ programmes are used by major businesses and organisations in the U.K., Europe and the U.S., they have helped tens of thousands of people.

Tougher Minds have advised the Government and think tanks, had their work featured in The Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph, People Management and T.E.S, and published peer-reviewed papers.

Click on this link to see a range of case studies showing how our simple and practical award-winning training has made it easier for individuals, leaders, teams and organisations to fulfil their potential. 

Case studies

What's included?

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An introduction to your brain by Dr Jon Finn (1min 13secs)
The Lighthouse Brain (3mins 36secs)
Learn more about your A.P.E. Brain® & H.U.E.® (3mins 45secs)
Audio Masterclass: 'Well-being & Performance Habits - the root cause of happiness and success in work and life' (1h 29m 45s)
‘Working from home: 10 rules for well-being, productivity and success' Audio Masterclass (2hours 48mins)
How to use your Me Power Planner - Five simple steps
Me Power® Planner for Well-being and Performance
5.84 MB
Me Power Planner Weekly Wall Chart
256 KB
A Guide to understanding your ideal Activation Levels
704 KB
Optimal Activation® Review
905 KB
Will Power Story example
239 KB
Will Power Boosters & Strengths Guide
105 KB
My Daily A.P.E. Brain® Management Plan - Habit building tool
192 KB
BONUS MATERIAL: Working from Home: 10 Rules for well-being, productivity and success - in-depth webinar
BONUS MATERIAL: 'How to be your best: An introductory guide' eBook
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