Working from Home WEBINAR: 10 rules for well-being, productivity and success (47mins 22secs) by Tougher Minds - award-winning consultancy

Working from Home WEBINAR: 10 rules for well-being, productivity and success (47mins 22secs)

“After receiving fantastic feedback we introduced a global Tougher Minds programme which was accessible to employees at all levels.

The benefits have been clear, a more mindful, positive, resilient group of employees! I would not hesitate to recommend Jon and the Tougher Minds programmes.”

- Head of Learning and Development, Global Investment Fund Managers

Hi, my name is Dr. Jon Finn (Tougher Minds Founder). I know that working from home can present the following negative feelings and challenges:  

To help people overcome these worrying well-being and performance problems, I have used my expertise to create this 'Working from Home: 10 rules for well-being, productivity and success' webinar (47 mins)
It outlines simple and practical skills to help yourself and others to be healthier, happier and at your best when working from home - in these challenging times.

“This is NOT the Art of working from home successfully, it is the science.”
Dr Jon Finn - Tougher Minds Founder  

Help yourself and your people to succeed

This webinar is for:
1) Businesses and organisations who want to help their people maximise well-being and personal performance when working from home.

2) Everyone who wants to feel well and be effective in a home working context.

Watching it will save you and your people time. You will be better equipped to deal with the challenges created by working from home that cause daily stress, mistakes and inefficiencies.

The insights shared in this webinar are based the 'Working from Home programme: 10 rules for well-being, productivity and success' (Reduced from £49 to £29 - SAVE £20 for a limited time only). 

Working from Home programme

10 easy-to-implement rules

This webinar gives you 10 easy-to-implement rules:
1. 'Use behavioural science to help you succeed' - how you can use insights from behavioural science to do more things every day that help you to succeed.
2. 'Big Goals boost Motivation' - why Big Goals help to boost our Motivation, and how we can best create some of our own.
3.'Self-watch your habits (helpful v unhelpful)' - how to Intelligently Self-watch your daily habits, so that you can build more helpful habits for working from home (and recognise unhelpful habits)l. 
4. 'Work hard on your sleep' - the vital importance of sleep and how you can improve it.
5. 'Get smarter by exercising' - why exercising makes you smarter and how you can build better habits in this area.
6. 'Fuel your brain for happiness and success' - which types of food enhance your energy levels and brain power.
7. 'Create a Will Power Story' - how you can create daily Will Power Stories to get more done every day.
8. 'Save time by planning to refocus' - how concentration works, and how to teach yourself to focus and get more work done.
9.'Tame your brain and recharge' - the importance of recharging your brain, and how you can do it at regular intervals throughout the day.  
10. 'Write, re-frame, relax' - how to reduce stress, build confidence and finish the day well so that you can relax and let your brain recharge, ready for the next day. 

More about Tougher Minds & Dr. Jon Finn

Tougher Minds - Awarding-winning solution for Well-being, Performance, Transformational Leadership and Successful Change Management.

Dr. Jon Finn will introduce uniquely powerful simple and practical skills for successfully working from home. These are based on the best neuroscience, behavioural science, psychology and the award-winning Tougher Minds’ programmes, which help tens of thousands of people. Tougher Minds’ programmes are used by major businesses and organisations in the U.K., Europe and the U.S., they have helped tens of thousands of people.

Tougher Minds have advised the Government and think tanks, had their work featured in The Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph, People Management and T.E.S, and published peer-reviewed papers.

Click on this link to see a range of case studies showing how our simple and practical award-winning training has made it easier for individuals, leaders, teams and organisations to fulfil their potential. 
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Working from Home Webinar (47mins 22secs)