Triggers and Tools

We have created a series of daily, weekly and monthly triggers and tools to help you build new habits. You can use as many or few as are most helpful to you. Scroll down to see some examples.


Learn how to:
- Create a Tiny Empowering Action (TEA) Plan
- Create a Diet, Exercise or Sleep S.W.A.P.®
- Complete an Optimal Activation® Review
- Create a Will Power Story
- Create a 'Big Finish' Reflection


Learn how to:
- Create a Me Power® Weekly Wall Chat
- Complete a structured Weekly Reflection
- Complete an A.P.E. Brain® analysis
- Create a Habit Building Plan


Learn how to:
- Create a F.A.M. Story® Iceberg to align long, medium and short-term goals
- Create a Transformational Leadership development plan
- Create a Team Power® Building plan
- Complete a structured Monthly Reflection 

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