Daily Group Coaching and Q&A sessions

Sessions are normally £75 each, but FREE for subscribers.

In our Daily sessions an expert Tougher Minds® coach will guide you through these three simple steps:

1️⃣ We help you to analyse your current habits, and identify the unhelpful thinking and behaviours that are stopping you fulfilling your potential.

Help you to use Tougher Minds® insights to understand what you need to do in order to build a new helpful habit

Help you to create a Tougher Minds® 'Habit Building Plan' to develop your new habit.

These sessions are also an opportunity to ask a Tougher Minds expert any questions you have about getting the most out of the MePower-TeamPower® coaching programme.

What type of habits do the Group Coaching sessions help people to develop?

Here are some example areas people typically want to work on:

- Boosting Motivation

- Improving Diet, Exercise and Sleep for better brain performance

- Better Stress Management

- Spending less time Thinking Unhelpful Thoughts

- Performing well under pressure

- Improving Productivity to drive creativity and innovation

- Building and maintaining robust levels of Confidence

- Better Transformational
for improved individual and team performance.

- Developing Great Teams

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